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Each tag comes with a FREE Bronze Subscription powered by

- Store Unlimited Data - Customers can keep one or more of their pets' medical, social, dietary, training, and other records in individual profiles.

- Linkable - link all VIP PetHub ID tags to their pet's profile. Customers can have many tags that all link to a single pet profile (and have as many pet profiles as they want on When they update the profile at all tags pointing to that profile will show the latest information when scanned with an iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or other Smartphone.

- Directories - Articles, Parks, Events, and pet businesses can all be found here with the option to add more as well as share feedback & reviews.

- Privacy contact form - If customers don't want their address or phone number showing up when the tag is scanned they can list a vet, sitter, other caretaker, or allow people to use the "Contact Owners" button which requires them to fill out a quick note that is emailed directly to them.


Customers can easily upgrade their account to a Silver or Gold subscription.


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